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Managing Digital

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Our goal is to help you be your best as a technologist and a leader.

What We Do

Managing Digital™ helps IT leaders and technology leadership teams (present and future) learn to be the best versions of themselves. We offer training in Enterprise Architecture, IT transformation leadership, IT financial management, and enterprise solutions roadmapping. 

Our consulting and training services focus on lessons learned in the most valuable and risky transformation endeavors.

Dan Warfield

Who We Are

Managing Digital™ is led by Dan Warfield, an experienced IT strategy, innovation and governance leader in global enterprises including Walmart, Lincoln Financial, IBM, DXC, FIS, and others. All of our associates are real-world practitioners. No armies, just experts.

Managing Digital™ is a member of The Open Group, owner of UNIX, TOGAF, and other world-leading standards. Dan is chairman of the TOGAF Certification Standing Committee and co-chair of the IT4IT Core team in The Open Group.

Why We Fight

We believe that good Architecture, Design, Strategy and Governance are things that matter - not just in the enterprise, but in the world. 

Everyone relies increasingly on technology and the large and small enterprises in which good planning and design bring delight to all. The other way is bad, not just in the company, but often in the world. We want to help technology leaders to do good by doing well, to find the win-win scenarios.

An Origin Story: The disappearing $100 million

by Dan Warfield
Principal and Founder

Over the course of a single year, about $100 million was poured into a new IT system meant to transform the business.

It certainly did, but not in the way we expected. That disaster became my guiding light in senior technology leadership roles.

The development team worked in secret, 1,500 miles away. According to them, old ways would contaminate the new ways if we knew too much about what they were doing.

We were told to wait for the Big Reveal, a meeting where all would be made clear. When that curtain finally came back, what did we see?

Think of the great and powerful Oz revealed by Toto. As the demo proceeded and questions were asked about mundane issues such as transactions per second, it became obvious that the glorious transformation engine was totally unusable: an inept, poorly planned catastrophe, the triumph of a charlatan.

The project was abandoned. The company was forced to restructure and 13,000 jobs vanished in the process.

The human consequences of bad planning, bad design, selfish short-termism, pointless secrecy and poor governance have stayed with me, and guide my work to this day.

Competent technology leadership builds organizations and enriches lives. This mattered then and matters today, especially in the big organizations that keep the wheels turning for all of us. 

At Managing Digital we help serious technology leaders learn to make better choices, to have more satisfying careers, and to keep the train on the tracks.

Every manager who focuses on doing the right thing, and doing it right, can help create better outcomes for everyone.

We strive to do our part in the quest for excellence in technology management, by helping you learn to choose wisely when it matters most.